For designers and agencies: How to submit material

Please check here for information about how to supply us with digital materials. Clients see this page.


Supplied, fully complete press-ready artwork


Acrobat pdf

All pdfs must be at provided at press quality in the CMYK colour space. The pdf should have all fonts embedded and be sized correctly to include any bleed edges (if applicable). Please write your file to PostScript® first and then distill with Adobe Acrobat™ Distiller for the best results. PDF/X1a: 2003 is our preferred setting.

Please check that your fonts are allowed to be embedded as some foundries do not allow their fonts to be used in this way. Adobe Acrobat™ v5.0 or above will detect fonts that may not be embedded and report these. Be aware if you submit a pdf with fonts that are not correctly embedded Stylus Design cannot accept any responsibility for how your contributed files may display or print.


Please send your files at or using our Send us a file page (we can receive large files), DVD or CD-ROM. Please include a colour proof or printout.

No other media will be accepted. All materials must be virus-free.


Stylus Design reserves the right to reject artwork not supplied in a suitable format, size or with any unacceptable production constraints. Furthermore, Stylus Design will charge any file alterations required to make the supplied material suitable for production at our standard hourly rate. This will be invoiced to the supplying person or agency.

Please note: Stylus Design endeavours to comply with all software licensing requirements. If you have any concerns about supplying files or resources please ring us to discuss the matter first.