For clients: How to submit material

Please check here for information about how to supply us with materials for your projects. Designers and agencies see this page.


Contributed text and pictures for us to make artwork with


Digital files: We can accept text files as Microsoft® Word files and most files saved as .doc, .txt and .rtf formats. Don't worry about extensive formatting - that's our job. Just give an indication of the relative importance of the material - like major and minor headings, footnotes, captions - we'll do the rest.
Hard copy: If you don't have a digital file of your material then the next best thing is a clear, clean printout. We can OCR this into our computers, though time charges will apply.
Scribble: Well, if you're still at the making notes stage we can do the typing (provided we can read your writing!). Time charges may apply.
Only ideas: We can write the words for you. Call us to arrange a convenient time and we will get your ideas down on paper for you. Time charges may apply.


Digital: For logos we would love an EPS file if you can get one – please see FAQs for more details.

Images and Photos – hints and tips

For photos we prefer the biggest original images from your camera to get the best publishing quality (JPEG/JPG is OK).
For best results:
  • set your camera to the largest image quality – 'superfine' or equivalent
  • transfer the images from your camera or media, don't 'save' them
  • don't open and re-save JPG images as they lose information on each save
  • if you can set your camera's colour space to Adobe RGB - even better!
  • don't crop or adjust your images before sending them
  • when emailing photos, please make sure your email package doesn't have its preferences set to compress or 'reduce the file size' of images
  • please don't send website images.

In the final publication, we use images at 300 dpi (pixels per inch) resolution at final size.

Hard copy: We can scan from photo prints, other printed materials and transparencies/slides.


Please send your files by DVD, CD-ROM, at or using our Send us a file page (we can receive large files). No other media will be accepted. All materials must be virus-free.


Stylus Design reserves the right to reject artwork not supplied in a suitable format, size or with any unacceptable production constraints.