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Practical solutions

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Save time and money

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the personal interest we take in the needs of our clients. Getting it right means care and good communication. Stylus Design can provide a networking point for your business publishing, saving you time and money by sourcing expertise and managing your project.
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Control your corporate image

Successful businesses promote a consistent and professional corporate image. Stylus Design will help you to establish your own design style for all of your published materials - colours, type style, web look, layout and legal requirements. And for the future, we can assist you to promote and develop this corporate image.
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Writing, research and editing

Whether it's copy for your advertisement or an entire manual, Stylus Design can write the words. Clients who provide their own text value our quality control service of proofreading and editing. Documents are checked for spelling, grammar and, where possible, technical accuracy. After all - our business is making your business look better!
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Archiving and retrieval of projects

Work done for any project, whether it be a business card or an entire set of corporate documents, is archived when complete. One copy is kept in the studio for ready access and retrieval while a second copy is kept off-site for security. Your repeat publications can be updated quickly and at a considerable cost-saving by combining projects and reusing resources.
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Imagery, illustration and photography

Stylus Design holds a library of royalty-free stock images. Our clients are welcome to use any images from this library appropriate to the design work we produce for them. If you need images specific to your area of expertise, we can create illustration or arrange and art direct professional photography - both digital and conventional.
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our business is making yours look better!
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