Working Green

We try to be environmentally responsible by:
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All paper waste from the studio is shredded and either composted on the premises and used as mulch on the garden areas or disposed of through Council or commercial recycling schemes. Whenever possible, we choose papers with recycled content and minimal bleaching.
All toner cartridges from our printers are recycled through the Planet Ark collection scheme.
Redundant computing and office equipment is given away for re-use to others or, if dead, handed in to the local Council's periodic e-waste collections for such items.
All glass, tin, steel and suitable plastics are recycled through the local Council 's fortnightly collection scheme.
Food wastes are composted on-site and used to enrich the soil of garden areas.
Most green garden waste is chipped and composted on-site and re-used as mulch on the garden areas.
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Going solar

Stylus Design's premises has utilised solar hot water heating for over 20 years.
In December 2009 we installed a solar PV bank on the studio roof capable of generating power equivalent to the studio's requirements. A remote solar-powered unit monitors and records the inverter's output. As of December 2011, we have generated over 12600 kW hours of our own electricity and avoided 11.4 tonnes of CO2.

The premises also makes use of passive climate control measures such as verandahs, shade trees, glass block windows, awnings, shutters and blinds.
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Saving water

Our water consumption has been rated at 'below average' for the area for the past three years. A rainwater collection tank supplements the supply for the grounds.
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Reducing transport consumption

We haven't driven to and from work for over twenty years so our vehicle use and petrol consumption have been extremely limited.
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