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  • Small enough to be responsive and cost effective.
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  • Big enough to have depth and skill range.
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  • Stylus Design add value to your projects
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  • Experienced enough to be practical and sensible
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  • Up-to-date enough to be innovative and generative
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  • intelligent graphic design (what more could you want?)
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Stylus Design is

a broad capability professional graphic design studio specialising in practical, budget-conscious solutions. Much more than 'just a supplier', we aim to understand your business and work with you to improve it. Our business is to make yours look and work better.

Our talented designers produce a wide range of graphic design work for local, national and international markets, adding value for all our clients.

Our experience

Stylus Design has a lot to offer in today’s competitive environment. Don’t miss our special ideas and ways to help your business to succeed.

Practical solutions

Intelligent, effective design. Streamlined logistics. Getting it right with care and effective communication.


Bringing efficient, streamlined solutions to your workflow. See samples of work prepared by Stylus Design here.


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